SL Laser Products

All SL-Laser products offer the latest technology for a wide range of industrial and craft applications. Our customers see it that way – in Germany and many other countries around the world. More than 10,000 installed laser systems worldwide speak a clear language. As a company of practice-oriented developers, we think about our customers’ needs and put ourselves in their shoes on the shop floor or directly at the component.

Our robust and reliable projector models ProDirector 7 and ProDirector 7 LR are complemented by the ProCollector L and ProCollector Arm measurement systems. In addition, the positioning lasers are products that prove themselves every day with countless applications.

From craftsmen to some of the world’s leading companies, users enjoy the ease of use and excellent service for our products. Of course, our laser projectors comply with the current regulations for laser safety in Germany in the respective laser class.

Our heavy-duty and workshop-grade industrial PCs extend the range and are specially equipped for working with the laser projectors.

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More information about our laser products

ProDirector 7

The modern classic from SL Laser facilitates and accelerates work in industry and trade in many sectors. Permanently mounted under the ceiling or on a rail system, ProDirector 7 projects the exact templates, dimensions and positions for assemblies, drilling, cutting and many other applications.

ProDirector 7 MR

This specialized version of the ProDirector is the ideal link between the standard ProDirector 7 and the Projector 7 LR. With a similar scope of performance as the ProDirector 7, the MR has been designed primarily for the medium distance between 6 and 8 meters. The green laser light provides the exact positions for all work steps from the CAD system via the CAD data.

ProDirector 7 LR

If you have long distances to cover, the ProDirector LR comes to the rescue. With a similar scope of performance to ProDirector 7, the LR convinces with its special range even beyond 8 meters. The green laser light shows the way and provides the exact positions for all work in large workshops via the CAD data.

Positioning lasers

Designed for robust use in industrial halls and workshops, the line lasers and cross lasers expand our range of laser projectors as stable and handy products. Supplied with power supply and/or mounting bracket, they indicate positions with the exact laser beam. These devices can be customized to your needs.

Circular laser

This form of positioning laser projects a green circle for the exact assembly or positioning of components, which can be adjusted to the required diameter with a remote control. With the adjustable holder, the circular laser can be precisely aligned to the respective work area.

Industrial PC

On a strong frame with steerable wheels and braking devices, our industrial PC with touch screen is the ideal companion for the laser projectors. Cooling is self-sufficient from the outside air via housing fins. Thus, this fully Windows-compatible computer is also suitable for dusty environments.

ProCollector measurement laser

With this system you can easily create an allowance for the CAD software, e.g. during interior construction. The processed measuring points can be used, for example, to calculate a planned staircase. In the reverse process, the ProCollector can project templates when referenced to corresponding measuring points.

ProCollector Arm

If CAD data is not available, the ProCollector Arm can be used to digitize 3D contours. By scanning the boundary points, the data is converted and immediately projected by laser. The toolbox transforms the coordinates into curves and optimizes the information for laser projection.