Installation, training and Maintenance contracts

Installation and training

Through our many years of experience and cooperation with renowned companies we can meet specific and individual requirements in a wide range of industries and a perfect fit – yours too!

The installation is discussed and scheduled with the customer. The technical staff of SL Laser GmbH installs the systems worldwide and together with the distribution partners.

The training is adapted to the respective requirements and carried out on site or at SL Laser GmbH. The trainings can be repeated when needed for new employees in the companies.
After professional instruction by our staff you can work alone and with the necessary know-how to work with our devices.

Maintenance contracts

In the event of faults, our service department will help you quickly and unbureaucratically by remote maintenance. Remote diagnostics saves costs and enables us to respond and help quickly.

The regular review of the systems is ensured by maintenance contracts. These are customized for the products and help the customer to calculate his expenses.