Software from SL-Laser

Even the best laser projector and the most modern measurement system need, in addition to the CAD data and an electronically regulated control technology, excellent software that works as a translation aid and interface for the data.

Over the past decades, we at SL Laser have written and continuously developed many different user programs. Today, these are specialized for use with certain types of applications or take over support tasks. 

With their support, the laser projectors are controlled or the measurements are calculated and prepared for the CAD program. Other programs take care of the conversion of OEM applications for immediate projection.

Work sequences, contours and other measurement data are stored in libraries and automatically reused. Of course, suitable software also takes over the diagnosis and verification of the functionality of our products or guides through the installation. 

Program solutions for industry and craftsmanship

SL-Laser currently offers, among others, the following software for a smooth and self-explanatory handling of our products:

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Software from SL-Laser


Perfect for converting and projecting three-dimensional drawing data from CAD program to process 3D composite parts in aerospace, boat building and other high-tech industries.


Ideal for CNC machining centers for work preparation, material positioning to productivity management – an intuitive user interface makes it easy to use.


With an intuitive user interface, TrussPilotTM makes working with the laser projector for nail trusses easy. Use the software for layer control, positioning, grouping and the reporting due.


This software for precast concrete products supports you in every step of your work with the projector and beyond. The user interface can be fully customized to your specific needs.

SL Assembly 

In three different modules the data preparation is done according to your needs. Optimization of projection files, creation of new projection files or automated creation from data stored via scans into a dedicated library.

LaserPilot LightTM

This program interprets the control codes from OEM applications such as the CNC machine for automatic projection with ProDirector 6. It is an indispensable standard accessory for CNC machining.


Provides step-by-step instructions for installing a laser projector in 2D and explains alignment in an easy-to-understand manner.


With this software the measurement of stairs succeeds and it facilitates many works in the interior fittings, dry construction and boat building. This concerns e.g. the 1:1 projection of points from the drawing onto any surface.