Projection systems in the concrete industry and in construction

Similar to woodworking, the use of SL Laser projection systems in the production of precast concrete parts has been established for decades. A large number of systems are in use worldwide, enabling fast and precise work on the tables. With a trolley on rails or in a compound, the ProDirector 7 automatically calibrates itself on the respective positions and projects all necessary lines and points onto the table in a 1:1 ratio. The data required for this from the CAD system is selected by remote control or directly on the touch screen of the SL Laser industrial PC. The respective tasks and positions of the frames, reinforcements, boxes and formwork are projected precisely.

Beton Beton
SL-Laser-Betonverarbeitung SL-Laser-Betonverarbeitung
Laserprojektion Beton -SL-Laser Laserprojektion Beton -SL-Laser

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Laserprojektion für Betonfertigteile

Laser projection for precast concrete parts

The work is time-saving and practically error-free. This minimises waste. For long table applications, the projection is exactly the same as in the pallet circulation system with exact calculation of the height and angles. When working with pallets, the ProDirector 7 calibrates itself for each incoming pallet and projects the necessary work steps.

In the circulation system, several projectors at the respective stations enable simultaneous processing. In this way, frames, formwork, reinforcement and the final inspection are carried out in parallel during one pass. Existing control systems can be equipped with the Laserpilot software from SL Laser.

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Precise measurement with the ProCollector L

Precise measurement with the ProCollector L

Quickly and accurately create an error-free measurement for your production and assembly processes. The ProCollector L works safely and quickly. The clearly visible laser beam is used to select the measuring points. Two measuring points per vertical surface are sufficient. The acquired data or coordinates are processed and stored. The graphical user interface shows how the drawing is created. The finished drawing is converted into DXF format and transferred to the CAD programme.

Here, the data can be processed further and transferred to production without any loss of time. With ProCollector L, typical data entry and transfer errors in the rush of everyday life are a thing of the past. The tedious alignment of corners and edges is no longer necessary.

The ProCollector L for masonry or drywall construction

The excellent measuring system ProCollector L can do even more than measure surfaces and stairs or calculate curved surfaces. The ProCollector L projects a CAD drawing it has calculated onto the workpiece or respective component and thus maps the floor plan onto the concrete slab. The drawing is converted to a scale of 1:1 and converted to DXF.

This also works with any other drawing from the CAD system. Afterwards, the exact calibration can be carried out on the surface to be worked on. This means a considerable reduction in workload.

The ProCollector L for masonry or drywall construction

SL Laser for your work with laser projection

If you contact us, we will be happy to provide you with references from your industry. Our experience in the manufacture and further development of projection systems, as well as the introduction and training of thousands of users, helps us to quickly grasp your situation and your needs. Work with field-tested professionals!