Accessories Laser projectors

The accessories you can get at SL Laser are, like all our products, designed for daily practice and to make your work easier. If you work with the mobile ProDirector, a tripod can of course be used. More comfortable and mobile, however, is the Mobile Workstation. The swivel arm, the transport box with the tablet support and the lockable wheels make the Workstation the ideal companion.

The accuracy of SL Laser’s laser projectors is legendary. Nevertheless, there are situations, e.g. in aircraft production, where the accuracy of the laser beam has to be documented. Our Certification Tool has perfectly milled contours that can be used to verify the projector and laser beam.

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Swivel device and movable system

When using multiple laser projectors or to work on multiple components, it is often advantageous to have the optimum angle to fully utilize the projection area. Instead of setting this angle manually, our practical swivel device allows adjustment via a gear motor. The position can be adjusted steplessly via two buttons.

In large production halls or for particularly long tables, the ProDirector 7 can also be moved via a rail system to extend its range. Our movable system transports the projector in a specially designed trolley, making changing positions a simple routine.