Laser projection in the aircraft industry and in boat building

SL Laser has established itself as the number one supplier for laser projection work among the leading aerospace manufacturers in Europe. This reputation is not only due to the precision and reliability of the laser projectors, but is also based on the application-specific adaptations and improvements that we make for our clients on request.

Laserprojektion Flugzeugindustrie - Bootsbau Laserprojektion Flugzeugindustrie - Bootsbau
Laserprojektion Flugzeugindustrie - Bootsbau Laserprojektion Flugzeugindustrie - Bootsbau
Laserprojektion Flugzeugindustrie - Bootsbau Laserprojektion Flugzeugindustrie - Bootsbau
Laserprojektion Flugzeugindustrie - Bootsbau Laserprojektion Flugzeugindustrie - Bootsbau
Laserprojektion Flugzeugindustrie - Bootsbau Laserprojektion Flugzeugindustrie - Bootsbau

3D Assembly with laser projectors

In addition to the processing of composite fibre components in aircraft construction, SL laser projectors are also frequently used in assembly. Here in particular, it is necessary to drill and assemble a large number of brackets, clamps, screws, switches, etc. with the highest accuracy and without errors.

The SL3D software eliminates the tedious transfer of spatial coordinates, component descriptions and other information to paper documents and templates. The error-prone measurements and transfers to other dimensions become superfluous by importing the 3D CAD data. The 1:1 projection enables fast and precise work. This also enables smooth quality assurance and documentation, which decisively reduces all efforts and contributes to cost reduction. For example, the lower surface of a holder can be projected onto the surface of the fuselage and the entire holder can then be assembled. During quality control, a distinctive contour is projected onto the visible surface of the assembled holder to check the correct position.

SL Assembly for mounting components

The SL3D software for ProDirector 7 is ideally complemented by the SL Assembly software. With the scan function, an intelligent recognition of identical component geometries takes place. These are stored in a library where they can be converted into projectable symbols in a few simple steps.

If it makes sense for the user to display certain components of the parts, he can select the contours individually in the assembly software and export them. Afterwards, the step-by-step projection and assembly can be started immediately.

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Laser projection Aircraft industry/boat building

The ProDirector 7 for confined spaces

When working in the fuselage, space often leaves a lot to be desired. Take advantage of this flexibility for your applications. The same precision and speed makes it possible to optimise all assembly and quality assurance processes with the ProDirector 7. SL Laser helps you reduce costs and increase quality at the same time.

Laser projection and measurement in boatbuilding

The use of the ProDirector 7 makes work with composite materials in boatbuilding particularly easy and precise. The display and precise projection of the individual layers, their geometry and dimensions enables error-free placement and fastening. The log function allows accurate documentation for the client and quality management. The compact design of the ProDirector 7 ensures reduced weight and easy transport from position to position. This means that the contours of assembly parts can be displayed even in confined spaces. Manual measuring and adjusting of components becomes superfluous. Another typical challenge in boatbuilding is measuring the often complex curved interiors.

The ProCollector L

The work of measuring curved spaces with traditional measuring methods is as demanding as it is error-prone. It takes a considerable amount of time to collect, calculate and transfer measurement data. Errors in the calculation often only become apparent during final assembly and then lead to costly delays. The ProCollector L from SL-Laser has proven to be the ideal tool for collecting measurement data in boat building. Everything that is visible from the installation site can be recorded in 3D coordinates. The ProCollector L is then easily moved and completes the measurement from a changed perspective. The measurement data is then saved in a common CAD format. They are then immediately available for further processing with a PC-based CAD package. The time-consuming repetition of measurement procedures and calculations is no longer necessary. Whether capturing hull data for initial assembly or for the removal of an existing boat – the ProCollector L is a valuable tool for accurately completing your tasks right the first time.

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