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Today, laser projection in trade and industry means above all time savings, material savings and error minimisation. Worldwide, manufacturing companies in almost all industries work with laser projectors from SL Laser. They save the expensive use of templates by having the work on the workpiece or on the table aligned directly with the guidance provided by the laser beam. This increases the precision of the work considerably and also facilitates quality control.

Thus, the investment in one of the laser projection systems from SL Laser has usually paid for itself after a very short time and not only generates profit, but also an advantage over other companies in the industry. In the same way, aircraft manufacturers or the aerospace industry also work with laser projection in very confined spaces and thus ensure the necessary highest precision.

We currently offer three laser projectors or laser projection systems, which we briefly introduce to you here.

Laser projectors from SL Laser

Since the first laser projectors were developed at SL Laser more than 30 years ago, we have continuously improved the technology and made it easier to use. In combination with the self-explanatory operator software, the handling of the SL Laser projectors can be learned in a very short time.

After a quick start-up phase, colleagues at the machines also swear by the SL Laser Projectors.

The optical laser guidance system on the CNC milling machine, the nailer binder projection or the cross projection for drilling saves a lot of tedious work with the template and the re-alignment of the workpieces. But most of all, it saves the frustration of otherwise inevitable mistakes. Our popular offer of a test installation and introduction to a laser projector from SL Laser regularly proves to be a sensible investment for us as well. In most cases, the installation is simply taken over. Conviction through performance.

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Laser projectors and laser projection systems

ProDirector 7
– The standard for industrial laser projectors

The ProDirector 7, permanently mounted under the ceiling or, for example, on a rail system, transforms your workshop into an optical guidance system. The green or red laser beam throws dots, lines, entire plans onto the work surface in such a way that the high repetition rate creates standing images for the eye, allowing precise work according to the template. For large projects such as aircraft components, a network of projectors can cover the entire area, allowing rapid progress in the work. Computer-aided and via operating software, the ProDirector 7 transfers entire construction plans or individual work steps from the 2D or 3D CAD system to the workpieces and can be advanced via remote control. The hermetically sealed ProDirector 7 is equipped to work under the most difficult conditions. Concrete dust or wood splinters are just as harmless to it as welding sparks and other challenges. The ProDirector 7 is our ultra-modern classic among laser projectors, which performs its services thousands of times over on all continents. The variety of its applications is inspiring. One and the same device can be found in concrete formwork, in composite construction, in the textile industry or in aerospace, each with its own adapted operator software. A universal solution!

ProDirector 7 MR
– The laser projector for medium distances

The ProDirector 7 MR has been specially designed for the range between 6 and 8 metres. This makes it the perfect link between the original ProDirector 7 and the LR laser projector for the long distances. The ProDirector MR can also be fixed with the clamp system or mounted on rails.

With its green laser beam, it projects precise lines, crosses, dots or shapes that you can use for your work on workpieces and components of all kinds. It is capable of controlling several contours simultaneously in both 2D and 3D. Work without tedious templates. You can complete the job quickly, accurately and at the same time find in ProDirector 7 MR the perfect tool for your quality control.

The required position points or markings are automatically fed in by the CAD system – controlled by the software programmes specially developed for the laser projectors. These programmes are designed to meet the challenges typical of the industry. With its medium range, the ProDirector 7 MR is often ordered by our customers in timber frame construction and for use with nail trusses. Click on the button “More about the ProDirector MR” and take a look at the exact dimensions and specifications.

ProDirector 7 LR
– The laser projector for confined spaces

With the ProDirector 7 LR, you can master larger distances between the projector and the workpiece. The ProDirector 7 LR projector can be fixed statically with the supplied clamp system and then does its best work in your production hall. These projectors provide markings, crosses or lines on the workpieces that colleagues on site can control with their machines. As always with SL Laser, this significantly reduces the effort and margin for error at work.

If you work in large production halls, mount laser projectors such as the ProDirector 7 LR on a rail system. The projector moves to the place of use and automatically assumes its new position. During work, the laser projector displays hundreds of assembly or welding points or enables precise component positioning – layer by layer. Two scanner mirrors allow the solid-state laser to project the laser beam exactly from any position in the room.

The excellent accuracy and precision of the ProDirector 7 LR matches the performance of the ProDirector 7 at the same distance and with the same projection surface. Ideally, you should connect the laser projector to our industrial PC, which supplies all data from the design CAD in a dust and splash-proof manner. As with the ProDirector 7 laser projector, your staff will receive training from experienced colleagues who know your industry and your requirements inside out.

Mobile Workstation
– The perfect complement to the ProDirector 7 LR

Of course you can use the 7 LR with a tripod on which the battery is placed. However, it is easier and more practical to use the 7 LR mobile with the specially developed workstation. It consists of a light and stable aluminium profile frame and rides on robust wheels that can be locked with brakes. In addition, screw stabilisers at each corner ensure a firm stand. A cabinet is integrated into the frame, where the PC finds its place. There is enough space on the shelf for the industrial tablet or a screen with keyboard. The highlight, however, is the electrically adjustable telescopic arm for a projection height between 1.80 m and 3.50 m (other heights on request). The telescopic arm has a holder for the laser projector and is easily controlled with two buttons for up and down movement.