The ProDirector 7 as new success model of SL Laser

More than 10,000 laser projectors from the Upper Bavarian manufacturer SL Laser are in use worldwide. With their software-controlled positioning for workpieces, machines and CNC systems, they bring considerable advantages. Users report drastic savings in working time and scrap. With legendary precision and greatly simplified quality management, the laser projectors provide greater customer satisfaction and a tangible competitive advantage. The ease of use and low margin of error also lead to high acceptance in the workforce.

The ProDirector 7 – stationary or mobile

The ProDirector 7 is SL Laser’s new flagship product. This projector can be used either stationary under the ceiling or mobile on a rail system. For extremely large components, such as in the aerospace industry, the projector can also be installed as a compound system. In addition, the ProDirector 7 M is a battery-powered model that can be taken to other companies and used there. The system fits in a case and is therefore easy to transport. Calibration of reference points is simple and control via Bluetooth and tablet is enormously practical. The data from the 2D or even 3D CAD program is simply transferred to the operating software and the various layers are then transferred remotely step by step. 

Comprehensive service package and online support

The engineers at SL Laser make things easy for their customers. The comprehensive service package includes industry-specific software that is pre-programmed for each typical application. Experienced from thousands of projects, the engineers provide training either on the test installation on site or online on the devices. This also ensures subsequent support in the event of questions or user problems. In addition to the laser projectors, this naturally also applies to the measurement systems and positioning lasers from SL Laser’s extensive range of accessories.

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Typical industries for the ProDirector 7

There’s a long list of industries in which SL Laser projectors are successfully used. Here are some typical examples:

  • Woodworking with CNC
    The ProDirector 7 serves as an effective setup aid for CNC routers. It facilitates the exact and fast positioning of suction cups, workpieces and contours.
  • Laser projection in the metal industry
    The ProDirector 7 projects true-to-scale 1:1 from any height, providing millimeter-accurate positioning of workpieces and exact alignment of fixtures – without the need for templates. This time saving applies even more to the setup times for steel ties.
  • Composite applications
    The special SL3D software handles the projection of layer contours in the production of composite fiber components. This minimizes errors. This also applies to the aerospace industry, where complete documentation for quality management is particularly valued.
  • Concrete industry and in construction
    The tasks and positions of frames, reinforcements, boxes and formwork are precisely projected – even on the pallet circulation system. Here, several projectors enable simultaneous processing at different positions.

About SL Laser

Since 1988, SL Laser from Traunreut has been developing high-precision laser projectors and measurement systems that are used in many industries worldwide. At SL Laser, great importance has always been attached to user-friendly operation and self-explanatory functionality. This applies to the laser projectors as well as to the measuring systems and positioning lasers.

Developed by practitioners for users on site, the systems enjoy great acceptance. The installation on trial and the well-founded introduction enable a quick and risk-free changeover to the new technology. A close-knit distribution network with sales partners all over the world allows excellent service. At SL Laser, customer success sets the standard for thinking!