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Laser projection systems for composite applications

Aerospace composites - ply layup

Composite ply assembly is a precision operation.  The "old way" of doing things with hard templates and mylars worked for many years but introduced degrees of inaccuracy, maintenance and storage issues, and made for a slow and cumbersome work process.  These drawbacks are instantly eliminated with 3D laser projection from SL-Laser.  Drawings, contours, outlines or positions are projected as a laser light beam on any surface, to make your working templates visible – all fully automated and controlled directly from your computer data.

A major component of SL-Laser's success is the SL-3D software package.  SL-3D imports all common industry CAD/CAM data formats including Catia V4 and V5 without requiring expensive 3rd party "wedges".  Single ProDirector 6 and XS2 projectors can "multitask" onto multiple tools.  On complex, contoured molds SL-3D automatically optimizes multiple projectors to work together seamlessly. The ProCommander handheld controller gives the operator mobile flexibility without being tethered to the control PC. The SL-3D software can be used on an unlimited number of offline workstations at no additional charge - you don't pay for "management seats" - configure ply books and production steps in the office, then send it to SL-3D system on the shop floor. In projects without ply projection data, ply books can be quickly built within SL-3D with the ProCollector Arm.

Wind power

SL Laser products can proudly say they have their place in one of the most innovative industries today. In the manufacture of the rotor blades, the high-altitude projection with the powerful ProDirector 6 ensures the safe placement of the glass and carbon fiber mats, as well as the attachment of reinforcements, holders, holes and markings of all kinds. In the measurement and installation of the subsystems, especially the Built-in generator unit and tower, the ProCollector laser performs well. Contact us for a proposal that best suits your application.


Composite materials are increasingly used in vehicle construction. With the help of the laser systems, the laying processes of the composite fiber mats are optimized. As in aerospace, the individual layers are projected and can be documented at the same time. For this purpose, a tool is available to the customer in the SL3D software.

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