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Stone & Marble

Laser projection systems for stone & marble industries

Bridge saw

With the ProDirector 6 and the Laserpilot Software you can align the laser contour precise without moving the very heavy granite slab or stone slab. After the alignment is finished, the offset of the laser contour will be transferred to the CNC and the machining starts with the latest data information form the Laserpilot Software.

Custom Nested Slab Layout

Manually nesting a slab usually involves dragging cardboard cutouts, mylars, or luan templates around a slab until everything fits with the best yield, then marking around them with a grease pencil. If you’re ultimately cutting the slab on CNC machinery, you already have the digitized contour drawings of the parts available. These can be easily loaded into the SL-Laser ProDirector 6 layout system and projected onto the slab in bright green laser light. The LaserPilot software allows the user to move and rotate each piece into place with an easy to use remote control. Parts can be snapped into place along a kerf line to maximize the slab yield and simplify machining. Parts can be quickly moved around or shifted as a grouped nest to get the best position for vein pattern or avoiding fissures and imperfections in the slab. Once in the nest is in place, the laser images are marked on the slab and moved along to the bridge saw and router. Since the hard templates are removed from the process, the laser nesting can be performed vertically on an A frame table, making the entire process easier to view and eliminating the physical strain of leaning over a horizontal slab. The laser light image on the slab offers an incredibly useful tool for homeowner approval that will definitely create a memorable experience and the word of mouth referrals you rely on. Just one more example of SL-Laser improving the quality and profitability of your stone business.

CNC COuntertop Machining

When machining granite and marble countertops on CNC stone cutting machinery, time is money. If your machine is running constantly, the biggest opportunity for improvement is minimizing your setup times – get the pods and stone in the right places as quickly as possible. An SL-Laser projection system integrates with your CNC controller to show your machine operator exactly where to set his pods, stops and fixtures. Once the fixturing is in place, the image switches to show the part contours to accurately place each part on the pods. There is simply not a faster way to change over a job and get the machine moving again. No more “dry runs” to confirm and adjust the part placement, no more miscut pieces for the scrap pile. No more cut pods to replace.


Put the ProCollector L on a tripod and calibrate the system on the meter level. Measure tow points on the sidewalls. Measure another two points on the step tread, that is enough. The Template Collector software does the blend with the sidewalls. The data is save das DXF and that data you can use fort he work on a milling machine CNC. The ProDirector 6 project the part on the right position on the milling table.


Inlay Work and Mosaics

The SL-Laser ProCollector is the perfect tool for laying out and assembling stone inlays. Starting from a CAD drawing file, the ProCollector can guide the installer through each critical joint in the layout, ensuring a uniform and proportional execution of the original design. The ProCollecter can be used from the included tripod for smaller inlay projects or secured to a sturdy stepladder or unobstructed balcony for a better vantage point over a larger area like an open foyer or atrium floor. Once a “zero” starting point is assigned in the drawing, any point or intersection of lines can be selected and the ProCollector shines a laser spot to that point on the surface. The operator can then mark the template on the worksurface with chalk or grease pen and move to the next point to continue transferring the design. The CAD drawing is laid out in full scale with no opportunity for distortion. ProCollector will even alert you if the surface measures outside of an acceptable tolerance level. 

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