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Aerospace and Boatbuilding
Laser projection systems for aerospace and boatbuilding industries



SL-Laser has repeatedly proven itself as the number one supplier laser projection supplier to Europe’s leading Aerospace manufacturers. This reputation is the result of unique application-specific advances that improve process quality and consistency and offer labor savings and the elimination of hard template production and storage costs.


3D Assembly

The process of aircraft assembly requires a huge number of brackets, fasteners and other small parts to be attached to the airframe. Traditionally, each part is printed out from the 3-D computer design file to a paper document that lists its spatial coordinates as well as a part description and other non-geometric information. Placement of each part typically requires tedious manual copying, coordinate measuring and marking using expensive templates, and the process remains time-consuming and error-prone. With the ProDirector XS2 laser projection system, the technician first imports 3-D design data from any industry-common CAD program and the SL3D softwarescans the data file and performs a “smart recognition” of similar part geometries. Like objects are identified and assigned a common part name. The library, assembled in SL-Laser’s proprietary *.sl file format as well as a set of *.iges files, serves as a starting point for the creation of the final projection symbols. 


Measuring complex curved surfaces like boat interiors is a complex and tedious process using traditional hand measuring methods. Cutting templates, scribing contours, and pulling tape measurements each introduce their own elements of inaccuracy that can contribute to fit problems in the final product. With the ProCollector L from SL-Laser, measurement data can be quickly and easily gathered and stored in a native CAD format and taken back to a PC-based CAD package for further processing and rendering. The ProCommander handheld controller keeps the ProCollector package small for easy maneuverability in tight spaces. The ProCommander both steers the laser target and provides on-screen feedback to allow the operator to gather the correct data as quickly as possible. The ProCollector takes line of sight measurement, so any spot that is visible to the laser can be captured in 3D coordinates. The ProCollector can easily be repositioned in a space to change the line of sight perspective and continue measuring within the same drawing, or a new drawing can be created to stitch together later in CAD. Whether you’re gathering as-built hull data for initial ship assembly, or retrofitting an existing boat for new millwork and cabinetry, the ProCollector system from SL-Laser is an invaluable tool to help get things done right the first time!

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