Pro Collector Arm 01 2019 1527

Digitizing system ProCollector Arm 

Digitizes 3D contours

To round out the industry proven projection systems consisting of ProDirector 6 and SL3D software, SL-Laser has added a powerful digitizing interface to SL3D for applications where no projection data is available.  Reverse engineering ply data for laser projection has never been easier!  It all happens within the powerful SL3D software.

ProCollector Arm is a digitizing arm with an accuracy up to +/- 0.1 mm (see spec table below). By simply drawing the ply boundaries with its pencil-like tip within the SL3D software, laser data is produced and projected simultaneously. A powerful, yet simple to use toolbox of polygon and spline functions converts the coordinates to curves in realtime. Reference points are taken with a touch of the tip and a push of a button.

While the contour grows on the screen SL3D automatically optimizes for multi head projection. As soon as the last curve is finished, the completed information on all plies and work steps are saved in a work file and production can begin.

Every arm is delivered with standard uitility software (K-Arm). This software allows to diagnose the arm completely (check the accuracy, diagnose the electronics, set the probes, calibrate the probe and calibrate the arm in full). Moreover the software, as well as other driver, allows to connect as a drive with different 3rd party software.

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