ProCollector webLaser measurement system ProCollector
2D and 3D measurement system

2 in 1: Coordinate measurement tool and point projector for 2D and 3D objects. Absolutely simple. Continuous product enhancement makes ProCollector a robust and flexible laser measurements system.  The ProCollector's powerful collection of capabilities set it apart from its competitors. No manufacturer can afford the time consuming and inaccurate measurements associated with traditional point collection methods. The ProCollector laser measurements system provides the user a fast data acquisition without mistakes. With the use of the ProCollector laser measurements system inaccurate measures and transposed digits while writing the data are a thing of the past. The process is easy and intuitive. Simply use the laser to shoot a few points to establish an origin  of your drawing, then start collecting data. For 2D DXF drawings, only two points along a surface are needed for a straight line - the software will automatically calculate the corners.  Irregular contoured surfaces like a wavey drywall backsplash or a flowing reception desk can be automatically scanned and saved as a curve - give ProCollector start and end points and watch it do the work.

In 3D mode, measuring complex geometry is still just point and click. Spaces like boat hull interiors that are difficult to measure by hand are easily measured with the ProCollector laser measurements system.  The onscreen handheld display lets you see the results instantly as you build the drawing and allows you to pan, zoom and rotate 360 degrees to make sure you have the data you need before leaving the jobsite. Save it directly to DXF or IGES file format and email it back to the shop from your smartphone - no bulky templates to scribe and transport!

Typical applications

- Composite 
- Woodworking
- Concrete/Brick-Laying
- Stone and Marble 
- Textile industry


System resolution     > 0,0002°, distance: 1 mm   
Field of view horizontal: 360°, vertical: 200°
Laser output < 1 mW, Laserdiode: 635nm, red
Laser class International: Class 2 IEC/EN 60825-1:2015-07, CE-certification
Power supply 80-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Dimensions length 9.45" (240mm), width 9.45" (240 mm), height 12.20" (310 mm), weight 5.5 kg
Accessories Joystick or tablet PC, TemplateCollector software, case, power supply, laser glasses

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