Industrie PC 2020 webIndustrial PC

The industrial PC for our laser systems

The Industrial PC is a fully compatible PC in rugged industrial enclosure.  The mobile rack is equipped with steerable wheels and brakes. The operation of the PC via the keyboard: TKS-105a-TOUCH-FP-3HE-USB-GER and Rear mount Touchmonitor 1939L IntelliTouch 19” LCD from Tyco.


CPU      Intel Core i5-3610ME 3.3GHz Dual Core CPU with Hyper-Threading
Harddisk SSD 2.5” SATA INTEL120 GB 
RAM DDR3 4.00 GB  
Keyboard TKS-105a-TOUCH-FP-3HE-USB-GER  
Screen ET1939L IntelliTouch 19 "LCD von Tyco
Interfaces USB (4), RS232, RS485, LAN, WLAN (opt.), Bluetooth (opt.), externes CD-ROM (opt.)
UPS Trust PW-4065T 650VA optional
Operating system Windows 7 or Windows 10, Ultimate 64 bit

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