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Laser systems for woodworking industries

  Machining Centers

You’ve made a big investment in CNC manufacturing – why not get the most out of it?  An SL-Laser ProDirector 6 laser projector takes the time and guesswork out of setups and changeovers, keeping your machine moving and reducing scrap. Quickly and accurately place pods and fixtures to the laser light, then place your material to the projected part profile – it couldn’t be easier!  Using a laser projector frees you from pinstops and allows you to nest small parts anywhere on the table to optimize your tool paths and run more parts in each nest.  Make entire stile and rail entry doors in one run.  Accurately “reintroduce” previously contour-cut parts for secondary edging operations. The laser accurately shows the tool path so you can place smaller blanks precisely. Using smaller blanks both saves material costs and reduces off-cut waste disposal costs. Projecting pod locations greatly reduces the chances of costly tool/pod collisions. Pod collisions are more than just the cost of the pod -  factor in the ordering cost, transit times, production delays or stoppages, the miscut workpiece and any damage to the bit or the spindle – it’s a very expensive mistake that doesn’t have to happen.


Furniture industry

The laser system is used in the furniture industry as visual support. The systems shows the contour of the fittings, for the right positioning and direction of that parts. A further use of the laser system is to show all the fittings and fixtures for the quality control.


Staircase manufacturing, interior fittings, kitchen development, boat measurment

Using the ProCollector is easy and intuitive. Quickly create accurate templates of 2D surfaces or 3D environments by simply pointing the laser target and clicking a button. The coordinate is captured automatically and stored. On a at surface only two measuring points per line are necessary. The software calculates the corners to complete intersecting lines. The ProCollector is wirelessly controlled. The finished design is stored as DXF or IGS and can be transfered immediately into your CAD program for further processing. The generated CAD drawing or any other DXF le can also be projected by the device onto a workpiece or building surface and used as a layout tool. Applications: building stairs, interior fittings, kitchen development, boat measurement...


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